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Last Love Song


5/28/12 10:11 pm - Abandoned

I am posting this on a whim.

I am feeling kind of depressed tonight and I always knew I could tell my LiveJournal anything, so I thought I'd try posting again.

It seems weird though because I never really keep up with anything online, this is probably the first thing I have been able to revive after so long. No one really reads this anymore and I might post some crazy or risque info but somehow I don't really care.

I am tired of hiding myself away and worrying about what others will think of me. I get like this sometimes, where I just get so tired of bottling up my feelings and emotions due to always wanting approval.

I have been working on this for a long time and most of the time I have been happy, but there are nights like this that I just can't figure out what I need to do.

I can be such a spiteful and cruel person when I am depressed, I like to down-talk people to myself so I can feel better. It's a real shame, isn't it? I am trying hard to break that habit but I feel it will take a while to get rid of that coping mechanism.

I always liked LiveJournal because I felt I never needed to go back/edit my words, they all flow out without a care and I never could find that same comfortability anywhere else.

So I hope that I keep this up at least for a little bit, at least for my own sanity.

4/23/09 07:04 am - POKEMANS

I am a Togetic!

1/28/09 12:57 pm - I'm done

I hate petty, stuck up, emo, immature boys. Why do they always find me? Look, if you're a fucking fagtart and don't know how to support yourself, don't come near me. I have no time for you. I've always been really fucking nice and then people just take advantage of that. Not anymore, I'm sorry I'm stronger than you, more intelligent and have more friends than you....and in result, I have a much better life. Whoopdefuckingdoo. That's no reason to be an asshole. I know you're just jealous and it's extremely pathetic, so get over yourself, I'm done being anything to you.

1/8/09 04:19 am - ARGGH!!

Some girls just piss me off. Stuck on a boy? GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!! Emo all the time? SHUT UP! GO SEE A PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST! People need to stop whining and GROW UP, it's pissing me off. I hate seeing all these CHILDREN talk about their shit when they don't know anything. Granted, I've been like that in the past but we've had our chances, now the time to act MATURE. I gave it a chance, I wasn't going to comment but seriously? Come on. It's college time, time to be adults. I'm tired of being the nice girl already, it's annoying me, just standing by and watching this bullshit. Argh. *rips hair out*

Seriously, this makes girls everywhere look bad, be strong for once, guys already have that down and we're accentuating our weaknesses. Wonderful, just wonderful. *facepalm*

Edit: I wrote this last night and now that I look at it...it's a little brutal, but true. But it's not about you if you're on LJ frequently of course. Most of those people only post on myspace and facebook now.

12/10/08 02:31 pm - NIPAAAH

8/6/08 02:33 pm - Just like to say...

Battlestar Galatica is the shiiiiit!

6/3/08 12:16 pm - Pokemon Lookalike!!

I was on this a while back but then after losing interest in pokemon, I stopped. Now that I'm back in the game I really really like this site and wish there was more votes...so I'm advertising for it:


Join!! It's fun, you post your pictures and then users determine which pokemon you look like :) They have different themes each month. Right now it's Johto themed (my favorite!)

Oh and...Walmart is gay and won't let me work with a lipring *Tears out hair!!!*

2/6/08 07:53 pm - OH MY GOSH

I'm going to see the Spice Girls.

I'm about to EXPLODE.

12/31/07 03:32 pm - I was thinking...

I was thinking about having a video game party sometime soon, like in the next few days, the 1st or the 2nd. My friend is here from Kentucky and he brought his Xbox 360 (Halo, Rockband, Guitar Hero etc etc) If any of you are free one of these days leave a comment!

11/29/07 01:06 am - Mentos! The Freshmaker

9/23/07 01:41 am - Zeitgeist


Alright guys, all I ask is that you sit down and watch this movie sometime in your life. It's pretty controversial but I appreciate the information (especially the religious bits) and the perceived view of the future world. I understand it's a bit exaggerated to scare the bejeebus out of you, but watch it and take it in stride, consider it and make judgments for yourself. It's really an amazing piece of film.

5/4/05 12:57 pm

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I've offically made ALL my entries friends only *celebrates* It took a while...
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